Best Restaurants & Bars in Portland, Maine

I love both Portlands… Maine and Oregon, that is. I even wrote about them in the same story once! But my heart will always belong to the East Coast sister (the original!). I grew up going to Maine for a few weeks in the summer every other year to visit my grandparents in Harpswell, and we’d always spend at least a few hours in Portland. Even at 8, I fell in love with the cobblestone streets, hard-knock docks, and of course, the Pirate store on Commercial Street.

I’ve been back a few times since then, and only get more crazy about it every time! On a whim, I extended a recent New York trip and took the 90 minute flight up north to eat way too many lobster rolls and drink way too much beer. I’m beginning to feel a little bit like a local, having hit up some of my favorite spots from the last time again. So in my not-so-humble opinion, here are the best places to eat and drink in Portland, Maine!

Eventide Oyster Co.

2013-10-02 23.11.00

This one was a new one since I had last been there–but Yelp had amazing reviews, so on my first night in, I swung in at around 10:30. The cute restaurant off of Middle street is always open until midnight, making it an awesome spot for a late-night snack. And snack I did on the best, most unique lobster rolls I’ve ever had! The dim sum-size roll was served topped in brown butter vinagerette on a steamed dumpling style bun (that sweet sticky style). The waitress also threw in a fried oyster bun, topped with kimchi and jalapeno–equally as awesome! I had to swing back the next night just to snack on them again.

Also, is this the cutest sink of all time or what?

2013-10-02 23.19.03

Shipyard Brewing

Most people know of this Maine brewery because of their Shipyard Pumpkin Ale, pretty much the best pumpkin ale on the market if you like a true strong pumpkin taste. They sell 1/3 of their sales just when this seasonal is released. What I didn’t know was that they recently bought Sea Dog Brewery as well, maker of my all-time favorite Bluepaw (Blueberry Wheat) beer. I stocked up on so much Sea Dog merch (including a blue cute T with the signature white dog on the back), a few pint glasses, and even some blueberry wheat beer-infused soap! The brewery also gives free tastings every hour, and have quite the variety of beers from light to dark and really light to super rich.

Bull Feeney’s

2013-10-03 21.07.18

Lobsters love Guinness indeed!  This Irish bar is nice and cozy, with crannies upstairs and down just right for downing a pint. Plus, they’ll occasionally have Irish bands play; once the bar is hooting and clapping, the whole place comes alive in the true spirit of Ireland.