When Travel Styles Collide in the Air…


Loving this article by The Wall Street Journal on the travel compromises couples must make when they have different styles or frequencies of flying:

“She’s a Frequent Flier, He Checks Bags.” 

Great headline, but the article is full of stories any business traveller can relate to.

“For Ed Pizzarello, a Reston, Va.-based venture capitalist who spends 100 nights a year on the road and is also a co-founder of InsideFlyer, a site focused on miles and points, traveling with his wife meant convincing her not to check a bag. Michelle Pizzarello used to love to pack with amenities like a hair dryer and check a bag, leaving her hands free in the airport to get coffee.”

Oh boy. I have travelled with a co-workers on occasion who checked a bag. Not cool, man (and they both were men). If I can fit a pair of boots and two sets of heels in my carry-on along with at least four or five business outfits, you better be able to fit your jeans and blazer.

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