View from the High Line Park in NYC

Hi-LineHad an extra day in New York after a details-should-not-be-named Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City, so I took the subway to the lower west side to High Line Park. The park lives atop an old subway line, once known as the Death Train since so many people died crossing the tracks. The park has lots of vegetation and cool public art installs that rotate periodically. Lots of areas for sitting and lounging as well–which I would have done more of, but the threat of rain kept me walking the park quickly.

I did have to stay parked under an underpass for a 30-minute downpour, but thankfully it was where all the food carts were located, so I chowed down on a Southern-style biscuit while I waited out the storm.

If you’re looking for a green retreat outside of Central Park, this is it.