June Stitch Fix Review

Being on the road a lot this summer has left me with less and less time to actually go shopping. And since summer is my favorite time of year, I’ve been kinda bummed about that. But, thankfully my best friend from when I was growing up in SoCal turned me on to this new startup service called Stitch Fix.

I described it once as Netflix for clothes, but it’s really a combination of Netflix and Birchbox (my to-die-for beauty sample subscription service). Basically, you fill out a style profile and a stylist will send you five pieces they think will work on you! It’s a $20 styling fee per month, but it can be used toward buying any of the pieces in your box.

My friend Nikki has started blogging about her fixes over at Delovely Details (check it out!), and I’ve become kind of addicted to her monthly updates, so I thought I would try out a similar style post. I will admit I suckkk taking pics of myself, so bear with me as I attempt to get better.

Ark n Co Cattie Belted Dot Print Minidress, $68

Ark n Co Cattie Belted Dot Print Minidress

 This was almost my style. I loved the fit, and the color on the belt. AND the polka dots. But the sleeve ruffles were just a bit too aggressive for me. I also tend to avoid such high-cut tops, but I didn’t hate this. If it was sleeveless, I might have kept it. Wish I could just keep the belt!


Ark n Co Cattie Belted Dot Print Minidress Belt

Polka dots didn’t quite come out in the photo, so here’s a close-up for the dots and the belt. The back was really cute too and cut into a v-shape.

Tulle Cheyenne Sheer Ruffle Detail Top, $48.

Tulle Cheyanne Sheer Ruffle Detail Top

StitchFix keeps sending me Tulle because the last two fixes, it was the one item of clothing I kept in both–a cute peach sweater from #1 and a cute green knit sweater with hearts from #2. I really didn’t expect to like this top because the print seemed a little too quirky (my very first Fix looked like it was straight out of Portlandia–I’m quirky, but not Zooey Deschanel, Put-a-Bird-on-it-quirky. A skirt in my first box had sparrows ALL over it).

But I actually really liked it! I haven’t decided quite yet whether I like it enough to keep or not, so feel free to chime in!

41 Hawthorn Bow Necklace, $28


This was my first jewelry piece from SF! Not much to say here, except I didn’t love it, and thought it also felt a little Forever 21-cheapy for the price. You can see the detail on the Ruffle Top here a little better.

BCBGGeneration Monarch Flutter Sleeve Dress, $78.

BCBGeneration Monarch Flutters Sleeve Dress

As much as I love this color, the draping and fit on this was just all wrong for me. I know one of SF’s big things is to give you accessory ideas and this probably would have been better served with them, but I knew I wasn’t going to keep it based on the odd fit, so I didn’t spend much time with it.

Sweet Pea Piers Printed Crossfront Ruched Tank, $68

Sweet Pea Piers Printed Crossfront Ruched Tank

OMG, I can’t even tell you how much I love this top. Though at first I wasn’t thrilled with the color (bright greens have never been my favorite), once I got it on, I just swooned for the funky print. Check out the different blue print detail at the hem too. The cut is also a cut I absolutely adore, and the fabric is comfortable and breathable. I wear jean skirts all the time, and the sheer fact this goes perfect with that makes this a definite keeper for me.

So that’s that! Let me know what you think and send me a link to your fixes so I can check ’em out!