An Abandoned Airport Turned Skatepark

As travelers take on the skies again, airports across the country are as busy as ever. But at the once bustling old New Orleans airport, the only sound that can be heard is the wheels of skateboards screeching down an old escalator. 

The abandoned airport, which ceased operations in 2019 when the new MSY opened just north of the old building, has just been transformed into a skate park like no other. For the second year in a row, the Red Bull Terminal Takeover has transformed the airport, constructing ramps and jumps at the entrance, baggage claim, and check-in desks for some of the best skaters from across the country to show what they’ve got. 

Eight different teams from across the country—including Birmingham, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Baton Rogue, Tupelo, Pensacola, Atlanta, and Nashville—came and shot video doing their most imaginative tricks, letting the public vote on the coolest team.

The team with the most votes will be announced June 2, and will win $5000 to support their local skate scene. Watch here and vote now!