Ingredient Spotlight: Arctic Cloudberry & Heather

I tend to see and hear about a lot of beauty ingredients from Asia and Africa, so when something from elsewhere crosses my desk, I’m interested. The latest in this camp is Finnish beauty brand Lumene. The company highlights a few ingredients that thrive in the northern cold, including a n ingredient called Arctic Cloudberry, which is reputed to have twice as much Vitamin C as an orange, and Arctic Heather, which protects elastin and stimulates collagen.  

I tried out both the Vitamin C Pure Radiance Day Cream and the Time Freeze Firming Day Cream. They actually pair really well together on alternating or season-specific moisturizer.

The Vitamin C cream smells like a citrusy smoothie and goes on incredibly light. No SPF on the one I tried, but the company just released an SPF version

The Time Freeze I thought would be overkill for my oily/combo skin, but it actually absorbs pretty quickly for how creamy it is. No distinct fragrance, so it would also be good for someone with scent sensitivities. 

None of their products are too expensive, ranging from about $10 to $20 on and at Ulta stores.