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Good Food and Ghost Encounters in Mesilla, New Mexico

A fellow travel writer once mentioned how important it is to recognize the “spark” of any given trip, basically that moment that glimmers in your memory long after the trip is over. These moments don’t happen on every trip, but when they do, you know you’ve found a special place worth writing about. This happened to me at the Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla, a little historic area within¬†Las Cruses, New Mexico. As soon as we walked in and were escorted to the back room, I fell in love. The old, intricate wooden bar looked like something out of a…

First look at Spaceport in New Mexico

Here is where space flight could be as common as airplane travel. Imagine a 1-hour flight to China or Europe! Richard Branson and his Virgin Galatic company are test piloting the space rockets now, and should take off from the spaceport of New Mexico in about a year. Branson and his children are expected to be the first commercial passengers; other flights to follow will cost $200,000 a ticket.