Spa Spotlight: Aroma Spa at Esencia, Mexico


Long before I wrote about travel, my primary beat was beauty. But my favorite beauty stories were ones where I got to write about beauty ingredients from specific places. Whether it was blueberries from Maine or argan oil from Morocco, I love when an ingredient ties so strongly to the land where it’s from.

So on a recent trip to Mexico, I fell in love with the spa at Esencia which grows the herbs it uses in its treatments. Before you even enter the spa, the staff offers a sage smudging to clear any bad energy.

I was lucky enough to get a tour of the whole facility before my treatment, and spent some time in the preparation room. It was like a true apothecary with bottles and herbs and mortars and pestles to crush the herbs. Now that’s fresh!

All of Esencia was once the estate of an Italian Duchess, so it’s no surprise that the entire spa and adjoining hotel and grounds are steeped in luxury, but thankfully, it’s a kind of laid-back beach luxury that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The spa feels warm and welcoming, not cold and sterile like some luxury spas, and the prep room helped connect the spa back to its roots, quite literally in crushing the herbs from the property right in that room and using it throughout a spa experience. Once I was face down on the massage table, the therapist crushed more dried sage right under my nose.  I don’t remember much after that since the skilled hands made quick work of my travel-weary back. After the treatment, the therapist led me to a relaxation area where chaises looked out into a peaceful garden area.

I can’t recommend this place highly enough! From the fresh ingredients to the beautiful property that stays true to its heritage, the Aroma Spa will leave you feeling relaxed and a little more connected to the land.


Aroma Spa

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